LiveVol Platform User Guide

Welcome to the LiveVol platform. Our platform provides a wide range of custom data, calculations, alerts, and visualizations needed to analyze the option markets, all woven seamlessly into a single web-based tool.

The platform fly-by is a high-level look at the platform layout. In the fly-by we’ll identify the various component windows of the default layout, to help you gain your bearings before we dive into the component details.
Throughout the platform many of the components use similar controls. We’ll identify and describe them now, so you’ll be more familiar with them when you are learning the platform.
We separated the components in the LiveVol platform into three broad categories (Market, Analytics and Charts). The Market dropdown is focused on components powered by live market data. You’ll find components delivering stocks, options and futures quotes, as well as trade tape and various exchange notifications.
The Analytics dropdown menu features components focused on aggregate and historical market data. Here you’ll find the Earnings Analysis and Statistics components, as well as, our Time and Sales and Historical Snapshots with data back to 2011.
The Charts dropdown menu hosts our most visual components. Our Stock Charts, found here have data back to 2011. You’ll also be able to launch our Futures Term-Structure and Options Live and Historical Skew Charts from this dropdown.

LiveVol Platform User Guide

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