LiveVol Core


Let LiveVol Core take your option trading to the next level. LiveVol Core delivers actionable market information like our best-in-class scanners, real-time market activity statistics and equity time & sales data.

LiveVol Core is engineered to give you all the essential elements of LiveVol in an easy-to-use web platform. See what LiveVol Core can do for you.

Market Components

  • Symbol Summary
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Trade Tape - Underlying Specific
  • Watchlist
  • Calendar
  • Alerts
  • Exchange Notifications
  • FLEX Messages
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Analytics Components

  • Equity Time & Sales
  • Flow Analytics
  • News
  • Historical Snapshots
  • Volume by Exchanges
  • Options Calculator
  • Pro Scanner
  • Fundamentals
  • Earnings Analysis
  • Statistics
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Chart Components

  • Stock Chart
  • Futures Term Structure
  • Skew
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