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Designed by some of the option industry's most successful traders, LiveVol Pro is built to be the new standard in option trading front-ends. LiveVol Pro is structured around proven, real-world decision-making processes of traders and market makers with long-term, profitable trading careers.

The full range of data, calculations, alerts, and visualizations needed to execute successful trades is woven seamlessly into a single web-based tool with no download or install needed. The result is an application that keeps a trader at the front-line of the market and provides everything needed to quickly analyze new trading opportunities.

Real-Time VIX Futures Data is now available.

LiveVol Pro is available as a web-based platform for $300 per month, with discounted pricing available based on the number of monthly subscriptions (See the complete pricing tier schedule below). Additionally, a discounted price of $250 per month is available to clients with a one-year commitment.

Pricing Tiers
User # To User # Unit Cost $/mo.
1 4 300
5 10 250
11 30 225
31 50 200
51 75 175
76 100 150
101 125 125
126 9999 100
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  • Market: Option Trade Tracker, Volume by Exchange, S&P 500 Tick Chart
  • Stats: Order Flow, Day Largest Trades, Volume by Exch, Net Premium, OTM, On Offer/Bid %, Calls:Put
  • Charts: Advanced Vol Charting (IV30™,60,90,180,360; HV30™,10,20,60,90,180,360), Technicals
  • Options: Interactive Montage, Vol, Hist. Vol by Line, OI, Hist. OI, Trades, Level II, Volume by Line
  • Skew: 3D Patent Pending Skew Chart with 2 Year Playback
  • Fundamentals: Business & Financial Summary, General, Income Measures, Per Share Data, Ratios
  • Time & Sales: By stock, strike, size, exchange, options, underlying, 2 years history
  • Earnings & Dividends: Track ATM Vol, ATM Straddles, Underlying price through earnings cycle
  • Calendar: Earnings and Dividends Dates for Watchlist or All
  • Watchlist: Volatility alerts, Price alerts; Vol Analytics, Notes, Custom folders
  • Ticker: Market Block Trades
  • Sector: By sector, the four top covered calls (sorted by stand-still return), volatility alerts and call and put volume alerts in S&P 500 stocks
  • Pro Scanner: Real-time Scanning
    • Underlying Scans
      • Earnings: Pre/Post Earnings Vol, Pre/Post Earnings Price Changes
      • Implied Vol: Rising, Dropping, Exploding, Imploding
      • IV vs HV: 30, 60, 90 day comps
      • Order Flow: ISE Sentiment, Call:Put Ratio, Net Premium, Net Deltas, OTM on Offer, Active Issues, Open Interest
      • Price: Gainers, Losers
      • Time Spreads: Month 1, Month 2, Month 3 and several permutations
    • Option Strategy Scans
      • Covered Calls
      • Cash Secured Puts
      • Iron Condors
      • Protective Puts
      • Call Vertical Spreads
      • Put Vertical Spreads

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Enhance your LiveVol Pro experience by streaming data directly into Excel.
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